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Helping job seekers and students prepare for a job interview with +300 selected occupations. Huru generates interview questions from well-known job search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. gives you high-quality feedback on your answers, personal traits that you exhibit, and tips to help you improve your performance to be prepared for your next interview.

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Powerful features to better prepare for an interview

Interview Coach

Get simulated company Interviews from any job description

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Utilising our Huru chrome extension, we automatically generate an interview from any job offer posting on popular job boards. You can test your interview abilities and simulate the process itself by warping to the Qr-code.
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Instant feedbacks
Mock interviews
Interview Coach

Prepare like a Pro with over 20K interview questions from +300 professions

Get access to a wide range of mock interviews covering nearly every career occupation category in the employment market ranging from entry-level to executive positions and all in between. Questions are provided by Huru and are carefully handpicked by professional real-world hiring managers of big companies. You will be familiarised yourself with common interview questions and simulate in-person interviews.

Interview Coach

Get in-depth and immediate feedback on your answers

Boost your confidence by receiving instant feedback on your answers and learn from your mistakes during every interview. Our precise AI Feedback is at the core of ensuring a successful interview experience and be well prepared for your next job interview.

Instant feedbacks

And many more amazing features!
Prepare for an interview with confidence.

Answer Tips icon Job interviews

Answer Tips

Huru provides interview tips for every question you'll get asked like a know-it-all coach to structure well your interview answers. It will help you highlight your interview skills and make a good first impression in front of your recruiter. With this ultimate guide, you prepare your answers to help you feel confident.

Interview Coach

Live Coaching

If you want to train your facial expressions while talking to an interviewer, Huru helps you get over your anxiety and display better facial expressions and eye contact by giving you real-time guidance. It's is an important part of body language. So, be prepared to improve your non-verbal communication skills.

Chance to be hired in a job interview

Chance to be Hired

Huru will check your interview responses and understand if it is coherent with the questions and assess your chances of getting hired.

Interview Coach

Immediate Feedback

Depending on how you answer the interview questions, Huru gives you the personality you exude during each simulated interview. In addition, it describes the good and the worst from your answers.

Interview Coach

Speech Analysis

Huru detects the way you speak by evaluating your pauses and pace and advising you on how to improve your speaking style and intonation.

Interview Coach

Interview Recording

Interviews are recorded only on your device to watch them back to see how well you did. You can review your previous interviews (Questions and answers). Prepare several questions with Huru makes you the best candidate during the interview process.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Powerful job interview preparation features. Be ready to answer any question with confidence.

Avoid stress and negative feelings, Improve confidence and be comfortable when meeting any interviewer. Don't miss opportunities. Reach your full potential. Using Huru, users can focus only on their performance. Interview questions are generated automatically and gives you all the tools you need to succeed and help you ace your interview.

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Job Interview Preparation Advice

One of the most important steps in the job search process is to prepare ahead of time for an interview. It's is the key to making a great impression and landing the job. Here is the steps you can take. Start by researching the company and gathering informations about it and the position prior to the interview. Review the job description offer and research what keywords are used. Use these keywords in your resume and cover letter. Then scan the job description with Huru to start practice interview questions and get interview preparation tips. The night before, review your resume and practice answering common interview questions with Huru App. In the morning, dress for success and eat breakfast. Make sure you bring a copy of your resume and arrive early to the interview location so you have time to relax and compose yourself. During the interview, be positive, humble, confident and show that you're interested by the position. If you have questions to ask the interviewer, don't hesitate. At the end of an interview, Thank the interviewer for their time and follow-up with a thank-you email.
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