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Helping job seekers and students practice job interviews from +300 selected professions, and also from any job listed on popular job boards including LinkedIn, Indeed... Receive immediate feedback on your answers, personality that you reveal, and better guidance for your performance!

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Powerful Features to Get You Well-prepared for the Interview

Interview Coach

Get simulated Interviews from any job listing on Top Job Boards

We automatically generate an interview from any job posting on popular job boards, allowing to practice your interview skills and simulate the interview process itself.Simply navigate to your job offer page then scan the Qr-code from our chrome extension and start practicing your interview.
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Instant feedbacks
Mock interviews
Interview Coach

Prepare like a Pro with over 20K interview questions from +300 professions

Get access to a wide range of interview content covering nearly every career category in the employment market  ranging from entry-level to executive positions and all in between. Every job interview provided by Huru is carefully handpicked by professional real-world hiring managers of big companies.

Interview Coach

Get in-depth and immediate feedback on your answers

Boost your confidence by receiving instant feedbacks on your answers and the personality you exude during every interview. Our precise Feedback AI is at the core of ensuring a successful interview experience.

Instant feedbacks

And many more amazing features!

Answer Tips icon Job interviews

Answer Tips

Huru provides tips for every job interview question like a know-it-all coach. It will help you highlight your skills.

Interview Coach

Live Coaching

If you want to train your facial expressions while talking to an interviewer, Huru helps you get over your anxiety and display better facial expressions by giving you real-time guidance.

Chance to be hired in a job interview

Chance to be Hired

Huru will analyze your answers to job interview questions and assess your chances of getting hired.

Interview Coach

Exuded Personality

Depending on how you answer the questions, Huru can give you the personality you exude during each simulated interview.

Interview Coach

Speech Analysis

Huru detects the way you speak by evaluating your pauses and pace and advising you on how to improve your speaking style.

Interview Coach

Interview Recording

if you choose video mode, interviews are recorded only on your device to watch them back to see how well you did.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch.

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Interview Coach
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Interview Coach
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Interview Coach
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Interview Coach

The algorithm behind Huru's AI is based on what top companies do in real life

Huru is changing the way of selecting candidates. You are invited to join the revolution.

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